Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Characterizing Candy

It's finals week and I'm really missing candy so I made s'mores cookies and to keep from eating all five dozen I brought some to school. There was some debate between my office-mates about whether or not cookies are candy. Clearly, they are not and this brought up the need for a characterization of candy. So here's how I would characterize candy.

Candy is an edible substance that satisfies three or more of the following properties:
(1) beloved by the majority of children
(2) consists mostly of sugar
(3) commonly given to children at Halloween
(4) commonly found in the candy section of the candy aisle
(5) brightly colored

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Plans

I finally know what I'm going to be doing this summer and I'm really excited about it!

I got an internship at Seagate Technology in Longmont, Colorado. Seagate is a world leading manufacturer of hard drives for computers and other electronics. My official job title is Data Analyst V. I'm not exactly sure what the V stands for but I'll basically be analyzing reliability and performance data and trying to determine factors that can improve reliability and performance as well as reducing the variability of these factors in the manufacturing process.

I'm really excited about this internship for several reasons. This is the type of work (statistical analysis and/or predictive modeling) I want to do when I graduate. Seagate is a really cool company and working with hard drives is much more exciting than working with insurance. It's in Colorado which I think will be an excellent place to spend the summer.

I plan on driving to Denver the day after finals (Friday May 11th) and then flying to Indiana. I'll be in Indiana for a couple weeks and then the whole family is going to vacation in Denver for Memorial Day weekend. Luke and I will stay and everyone else will go back to Indiana. I'll start work on the Tuesday after Memorial Day and Luke starts at his job at an outfitter a couple hours north of Denver the week after that.

The next couple weeks will be crazy with finals and packing/moving but I really wanted to be home for Mother's Day because, well, my mom is awesome :)