Monday, November 5, 2012


Those of you that know me very well know that I really really like pizza lunchables. I simply can't help myself. The sad truth is that lunchables are not very good for you. They are full of preservatives and have little nutritional value. But they are so tasty!

So I decided to make my own lunchables that were both delicious and healthy. And I succeeded :)

Whole wheat pitas
Pizza Sauce
"Off the Block" Mozzarella Cheese
Fresh Yellow Bell Peppers
Turkey Pepperoni
Sprinkling of Oregano


  1. impressive.....i ate a pizza lunchable once and thought it was nastia lukin and funky monkey.... ;)

    1. cassie, only you use the phrase funky monkey
      I knew Natalie getting you that pin was a mistake :)
      also I think it's liukin

  2. Looks delicious! You are such a good cook!