Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Starts Tomorrow

Note: I want to be more consistent with blog updates so I plan to update every Sunday and maybe in between if something extraordinary happens.

School starts tomorrow {sigh}. I'm somewhere between looking forward to it and dreading it. Tomorrow I have Interest Theory at 12:40 and then I teach STA 270 Applied Statistics at 3 (and again at 4:30.) I spent some time last week making a syllabus as well as several chapters worth of PowerPoints. Here's the one I'm going through tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer's Over... Blogging's Back!

A new post can mean only one thing: summer is over and school is starting soon (if it hasn't already!)

Hope you all had a great summer. I sure did. I was having such a good time, I didn't have time for updating the blog! I'm sure you all were too busy to read it anyway. 

I was in Colorado this summer interning as a data analyst at Seagate Technologies. You may have heard of them. They make hard drives for computers and other electronics. There's a good chance you're using a Seagate hard drive right now as you're reading this! Anyway I loved work. I loved my coworkers, the people I lived with, the Denver church, all the fun things one can do in Colorado. I loved it all. And now it's over. But there is a good chance Seagate will offer me a full time job when I graduate, which would be awesome.

I'm back in Flagstaff now and school starts next week but I don't want to talk about that. Instead here's some of what I did this summer:

Play outdoor chess in the rain at the mall with brother. Also drive brother to and from Wyoming in the middle of the night.

Go climbing in Vedauwoo. Best climbing ever. Also the most fun I had all summer (and I had a lot of fun this summer!)

Hike a 14er. Grays Peak: 14,278 feet.
Note: A 14er is one of the 50 some peaks in Colorado with elevation 14k feet or more. 

Go paddleboarding.

Make delicious treats like this blueberry panna cotta.